Never Crywolf...


I adore creative independent ladies, and the women behind Crywolf are no exception. Longtime friends and collaborators, Rose Chang and Stephanie Drabik are Toronto-based artists that are most known in the independent fashion scene for p0isson, their first clothing company. After two years of success that landed them in art and clothing expos all across North America, Rose and Steph decided to create the Crywolf clothing label with the same creativity and DIY attitude, but also evolving by including more sophisticated, original designs. Each piece of clothing from Crywolf is unique, handmade, and due to their limited-edition runs, literally a collectable piece of art.


In addition to the limited edition tees, the girls also offer a delightful variety of tote bags, buttons, etc.


These designs are as quirky and imaginative as their creators, often including animal imagery and whimsical, uncanny drawings, with each piece of clothing featuring original artwork by Rose and Steph.



Crywolf has a pretty nifty philosophy that I sure do love: affordable and wearable art. I am their biggest fan (and am the proud owner of a few - or 10 - of their designs to prove it)...



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