Sewing Success!

I grew up watching my Grandmother create mass amounts of handmade-with-love amazingness. Everything from my baby clothes and bonnets to patchwork quilts to her incredible cooking. My point being - Martha Stewart ain't got nothin' on Grandma Kruch. gma2

Grandma Kruch, Momma, and Me, c: 1982


Grandma Kruch, c: 1991

I always wanted to make things at the rate and quality she does, and never will due to a combination of lack of time and patience. When she bought me my sewing machine in college, I only ever used it for alterations and random art projects... never tried to take a piece of fabric and actually MAKE a garment with it. Until now! My good friend Lauren inspired (and guided) me to make my very first skirt. I chose to do a high-waisted pleated skirt, modeled after a favorite already in my closet.  Here's the journey!


The Fabric.


Pleating (and my crazy toes).


Sewing the pleating.


Attaching the waist band material.


Sewing the hem.



It wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be. Three hours of fun and I get a new outfit!? Eff yeah. Next, we're making a dress. Hoorah!