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issue10-large Amelia’s Magazine is a stunning bi-annual publication that I first discovered almost three years ago. This ecclectic mag meshes up-and-coming art, music, fashion, and photography, and every issue is like walking through the mind of the most creative yet slightly ridiculous and definitely audacious human being ever in the world. The sheer amazingness behind each issue can be summed up by telling you that my favorite installment so far (issue #6 - see below) had a glow-in-the-dark cover, and a few issues before that was a scratch ‘n’ sniff cover (SRSLY!).


Amelia's Magazine is based in London and was founded and is still managed and edited by a super crafty lady named (surprise!) Amelia Gregory  who is also a talented photographer, musician, and a writer - among other things (check out her portfolio: I think my favorite thing about her is that she still manages to run this entire brilliant operation out of a spare room in her home - freaking awesome.



The one downside? Since it is a UK-based mag, there is very limited availability here in the states. I see it at Barnes & Noble every once in a while when I am lucky, but am missing the last two issues. You can, however, order back issues from the website - but you'll have to pay a buttload in international shipping fees :( I'm crossing my fingers for a sweet world-wide distro deal but for now, you can join Amelia's Magazine's newsletter, read the Amelia's blog, and check back here and at their website (below) for distribution news.

[NOTE: New info from Amelia herself below in the comment field about the current status of the printing of Amelia's Magazine & other projects].

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