A Much-Needed Mini Vacay

I've been MIA for the past few days, but I promise you that this post will make up for it! So I have a handful of wonderful friends in and around Asheville, NC, and at just a nine hour drive from Orlando, it makes for the perfect long weekend getaway. My trip was full to the brim with incredible company, picturesque scenery, adventures i'll never forget, tasty food, gorgeous weather, and new music and art. Here's my re-cap of the trip! My good friend Matt Morris is a [my favorite] documentary filmmaker and drove in from Wilmington to hang with us. He made a short doc about a Bluegrass Barbershop in the small town of Drexel, about 45 mins outside of Asheville, NC. The film is called Pickin' & Trimmin' and has been an official selection for over 20 prestigious film festivals throughout North America. The film won best short documentary at both Woodstock and the Florida Film Festival.

Matt took my lovely friend Kathy and I to the Barbershop to meet these amazing, welcoming, hilarious, and very talented folks (most over the age of 80-years-young). It was full of antique treasures, storytelling, and good old fashioned southern substance (ex: fresh roasted peanuts, $8 haircuts, and sweet tea)...








Matt also made a video montage of our visit to the Barbershop...


On our way out of town, we stumbled upon an incredible old bookstore in Drexel. I even found some National Geographics from the 1920's and cooking/sewing manuals from the '40s (which will be featured in an upcoming blog!)...


Kathy Faye, Matt and I enjoyed the best homemade ice cream we'd ever had in Black Mountain near Warren Wilson College...


We explored the River Arts District and its surrounding warehouses, ate breakfast at Clingman Cafe (homemade granola mmm!),  and checked out the pottery co-op in The Wedge (pottery photo below features Josh Copus and Kyle Carpenter's work)...








We were introduced to some great new music...

floating-action_oiaijxh5usmx_full Floating Action

music35-benji-hughes-0409-lg-20997679 Benji Hughes

And then visited some friends at my favorite record shop - Harvest Records, and favorite place to shop - Custom Boutique, located all cozy-like right next door to each other in West Asheville.

We posed for ridiculous photos at one of the best-soundin' (and lookin') venues i've ever been to (The Grey Eagle)... avillethisismeblog

Phew, and don't even get me started on the food in Asheville! I will spare you the photos because you'd probably pee your pants in excitement. plus this is getting really ridiculously long. I will say that Sunny Point Cafe has the all-time best vegetarian huevos rancheros, and if you're ever in the area you should definitely visit Nine Mile for some nuuummy Jamaican eats (like the jerk tofu!).

It was pretty rough to go back to Florida after driving through this... avilleview1blog

Sigh. North Carolina, you're perty and full of art and fun!