This Is For You

A few weeks ago I did a blog about a book called Lost Crafts. I bought that book mostly because I knew that visual artist Rob Ryan was responsible for its incredible cover - so I figured what was inside had to be pretty fantastic. Since buying that book, I've found myself re-obsessing over the originality and imaginative themes behind this London native's paper-cut-out artwork. I pulled out a lovely Rob Ryan book from my collection, published back in 2007 called This Is For You.  27robryan

Each page of this book contains a flawless and masterfully executed paper cut-out work while telling a beautiful tale. The description from the front flap  is simple and sweet: "If you believe in love, but find it difficult to explain - this is for you." ...It is definitely for me.

Rob Ryan's vast portfolio spans from printwork, to limited-edition collectible plates and skirts, to greeting cards, and his work has graced the cover of everything from Time Magazine to an Erasure album. 


Here are a few of my favorites...

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