I caught wind of the FOUND Magazine phenomenon in early 2002, about a year after its inception.  The brainchild of an awesome dude named Davy Rothbart, FOUND was created (and still operates) in Ann Arbor, MI. I was living in nearby East Lansing at this time in my life, where I was lucky enough to collaborate on a FOUND Art Exhibition with Davy in 2005. The publication embodies the notion  that  one person's trash is another person's treasure, and consists mostly of pieces of scrap paper with scribbled and scatter-brained lists, lost and forgotten postcards, partially destroyed random photographs, and tragic love (and hilarious hate!) letters. In the past, FOUND  has even revealed the contents of a found mix tape which featured a super bonerjam called "The Booty Don't Stop" (which, Davy's brother, Peter - also known as The Poem Adept - covers live, and on an album that I still listen to). What started as a conceptual under-the-radar zine has, over the past few years, spawned into vast enterprise of what now consists of two magazines (FOUND and Dirty FOUND), a killer website, several books that are now available at Barnes & Noble (and here), and an army of devoted and involved readers and fans.

So for some reason I hadn't check the site in a while and stumbled onto it yesterday, only to discover some of the best photo finds I'd seen in a long time. Awkward kid photos! YES!









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