No-brow rant, anyone?

I just read an article in the New York Times about how bleaching, or worse yet, shaving your eyebrows off entirely is the next big thing. Really really? I knew there was a reason I've never listened to a single fashion magazine. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy flipping through Zinc, MetroPop, even Vogue occasionally...but I have never and most likely will never let a magazine decide what's trendy, upcoming, or will be sure to look good on me. I feel that I have successfully avoided the crap trends that have come and gone in the past few years and articles like this, while totally entertaining, are also disturbing to me.

I would have posted some photo examples from the article, but I'd rather you just go read it yourself (click here) while you (i'm hoping) revel in awe that people might actually take this seriously. Plus, the photos are so disturbing that I simply don't want them posted on my blog. My favorite related FAIL: supermodel Adriana Lima has been transformed from a sun-kissed wavy-haired Victoria's Secret "Angel" into a vacant, brow-less, and gothtastic Marilyn Manson-esque alien in the Fall Givenchy ad campaign. Super classy, gotta say!

I must also point out that I absolutely respect and understand both artistic expression and a fashion stylist's need to change a model's look to match a designer's line or theme. In saying that, it is my personal opinion that this particular "trend" is shit - no way around it.

 Just to feel that my point is entirely proven, I was going to take the below photo (where my eyebrows are a large part of what makes my facial expression work) and airbrush my eyebrows out. Then i realized that a.) I don't have photoshop on this computer, and b.) that would be entirely frightening.


To further prove my point, check out the photobooth awesomeness below. Both Anna and I use our brows to enhance and make each face distinct. I looked at this photo for a good five minutes and tried to imagine what these exressions would look like sans eyebrows and couldn't stop laughing because the sheer ridiculousness of the idea was so hilarious.


In closing, I would like to point out that one of my all-time favorite compliments ever given to me is: "you have calligraphic eyebrows." I enjoy eyebrows, and if people start listening to fleeting "trends" like this, I will vom. All over all of you.


End rant.