The Uniform Project

Greetings! I've been away for a bit, due to lack of internet while on family vaca/my ibook officially pooping out the day I got home. It was bound to happen eventually with only 1GB of memory left (whoopsies)...which means...time for a MacBook Pro: she will be mine, oh YESSSSSS, she will be mine. So, I got a text from my friend Eileen in Chicago today about The Uniform Project. This is my favorite fundraiser/project that I have seen in quite sometime for many reasons: great concept, quite the hefty commitment that requires a massive amount of creativity and drive, benefits an absolutely amazing cause, and I honestly see it as one hell of a performance art piece. 

The idea is simple: one dress, 365 days. The dress is a classic, versatile, button-up black romper designed by Eliza Starbuck, and is worn every day (she has 7 identical versions) using only accessories, theme and color variation to differentiate looks. I can't seem to find the name of the project's model anywhere on the site, but whoever she is...she pulls off more looks than a drunken cougar wearing a halter top at a cowboy bar. Only her looks are inventive, classy, and well thought-out. The majority of all accessories she rocks are donated or handmade, and there's even an area on the website where you can suggest looks or donate to her accessory bin, which I am emailing her about after I finish this blog.

A few of my personal favorites:


"Friday Frills"


"Preacher's daughter"


"Little Dot, little Lotta."


"Endless spring in New York"

I am ridiculously impressed at the fact that unless I was already aware that the base piece in each of these outfits was comprised of same staple dress, I probably would have never noticed. And I'm the queen of accessories. Effing awesome!