Waterpod (Waterworld?) Living

A 3,000 square-foot floating waterpod doubling as a social/eco/art experiment launched from Pier 5 (in Brooklyn) on June 12. There are two full-time caretakers who actually gave up their city dwellings to devote themselves to the waterpod. Several rotating artists with varying mediums, specialties and sustainable living skills also play a part...and I should also mention that there are four hens on board the solar-powered raft. nyt2

The project's creator, Mary Mattingly says that she envisioned it as "an eco- and art-friendly sphere that could be recreated in the future, when land resources might be scarce." As I read that quote, I found myself having (slightly uncomfortable) flashbacks of sitting next to my at-the-time best friend Peter, on his superduper religious family's couch, watching Waterworld with Kevin Costner in the sixth grade.

For me, a particularly choice quote from the article is from a Canadian artist named Eve K. Tremblay who, just before pulling herself from it, coined herself "the critical voice" of the project and said, "...sometimes it feels like Frankenstein, like we’ve created this organism that has a life of its own.”  LOLZZZZ! Yes, yes, this is what happens when people are yoinked from their comfort zones (i.e. art studios, private apartments) and thrown into a clustereff mixed bag of creative people, trying to live together, entirely from the earth,  in a small space, all while producing quality art...peacefully.


But in theory, I find this to be a killer idea on many levels. Especially for those preparing for the very possible major global warming-Waterworld scenario at the closing of the century. Who ever said artists don't plan ahead? Pffft.

PhotoCred: Michael Nagle for The New York Times

Source/For more info, check out the full NYT article here.