In 2006, French independent filmmaker Vincent Moon began working on a brilliant series of "Take Away Shows" via his website They are live, raw and unfiltered footage and performances of indie rock royalty like Sigur Ros, Beirut, Elvis Perkins, Bon Iver, The Arcade Fire, Andrew Bird...the list goes on and on. Pretty much covers all of my musical life support. The majority of these video clips are between 3 and 8 minutes in length, recorded at varying locations (ex: streets, venues, abandoned art spaces) in and around Paris.

As I made my way through this incredible body of work, I found myself at times O-faced (yeeep!) and speechless; and other times literally jumping out of my chair in disbelief and screaming "are you FOR REAL!??!!" (my boyfriend witnessed this first hand, and laughed at me the entire time, I think). Both the pure unadultered talent of these performers and the shocking quality of guerrilla-esque camera and sound work in strange locations are equally enchanting.

Andrew Bird - Spare-Ohs [youtube=]

Grizzly Bear - Knife  [youtube=]

Arcade Fire - Neon Bible  [youtube=] [If you get antsy and wanna get straight to the goodies on this bit (since at 15 mins, it's longer than most), fast-forward to 3:51 in for "Neon Bible," and note the ripping of magazine page-by-page as percussion (!!!!!!!!!!!). Sigh.]

FLEET FOXES - Blue Ridge Mountains  [youtube=]   Margot & the Nuclear So & So's - German Motorcar (In San Francisco)

[Creepy monkey mask = MY TEAM!]

 Beirut - Nantes [youtube=]

 Bon Iver - Skinny Love [youtube=]

To learn more or watch clips and full-length films, check out . The site is in french, but can easily be translated via google.

Check out Vincent Moon's MySpace here.