Inspiration in Color Studies

Whether it is a piece of art, a word, a feeling, a song, a smell, a person,  a texture, or an action, I find inspiration in multiple outlets throughout each day. Color is always a muse for me, and today I was inspired most by two music videos involving it. The first was directed by a filmmaker who I met a few years ago at the Florida Film Festival named G.J. Echternkamp. His feature film was Frank & Cindy - an amusing documentary about his parents' slightly deranged yet endearing relationship and its subsequent effects on his childhood.

I must put a disclaimer on the video below though. What inspires me about it is G.J.'s genius direction and concept. The colors, its distribution and theme (not to mention killer sets, corn, confetti, jello, glitter, and blood-spewing in a bathtub!? yes please) - I am a huge fan of G.J., not so much the singer (Giant Drag). In saying that, give it a listen by all means, but know that I personally enjoyed the imagery on mute.

Stuff to Live For from G.J. Echternkamp on Vimeo.

The second is an animation project by Esteban Diácono. It is the official video for the song Ljósið by Ólafur Arnalds . I am not familiar with this director, but through reading his responses to the video I found that he used Adobe After Effects to create this video. The colors are beautiful and the movements unique...and it's just purely captivating at points.

Ólafur Arnalds - Ljósið (Official Music Video) from Erased Tapes on Vimeo.