Found Treasures Wreath

My front door has been looking a bit lonely lately. I decided that it needed a wreath, but made two rules: I didn't want to make a specific holiday wreath - I wanted to make one that I could keep up year-round, and second I couldn't spend over ten bucks on supplies. My idea was to make the wreath out of objects I'd found in nature and/or treasures that had just been sitting around my house in cups and pots, collecting dust. Things like sea shells, drift wood, antique buttons, acorns, old rusty typewriter pieces that I can't use from my 1927 LC Smith, and an owl feather. I would have loved to make the entire wreath myself out of twigs, but from the looks of my yard, didn't think I could wrangle up enough to make it work. I ended up buying one for about $3 at Jo-Ann Fabrics. The only other material I bought was some brown fabric-covered wire, which I used to secure each found object onto the wreath. Here's what the process looked like...









And the final product:



My plan is to have the rest of the wire on hand so I can keep adding cool stuff to it as I find it! Hooray for crafts.