Montreal & Toronto: Things to Eat

I'll be the first to admit that I ate somewhat uncharacteristically throughout the Canada trip. Lots of carbs and fried foods, and my face broke out to teach me a lesson! But man, it was totally worth it. Check out some of our tasty (and magically caloric) treats below! Montreal Favorites

Le Cagibi img_2755 ---> Sweet potato and red pepper quesadillas with mango chutney

img_2757 ---> Veggie chili

Atawater Market img_2719 ---> The best produce I've seen in a long time. It was affordable, fresh, and people were so nice!

Aux Vivres img_3052 ---> Crispy polenta triangles with black beans, tofu scramble, and guacamole

img_3050 ---> Marinated seiten sammich

Old Port Beavertails img_3139

img_3144 ---> Apparently a Canadian tradition, and very similar to Elephant Ears here in the US. They were ridiculously good and less greasy than I thought they'd be. They were offered with crazy toppings like Nutella and powdered sugar, peanut butter and crushed reeses cups, etc. Fat kid buffet, y'all.

Fairmount Bagel img_3247

img_3250 ---> Hot from the oven toasted sesame bagels at Fairmount Bagel was one of the highlights of our culinary adventures in Canada! Pretty sure I ate a row. Hands down the best bagel I've ever had.

Toronto Favorite (I only took pics at one place; we went there twice because it was so yummy. Plus I was starting to get lazy at this point!) Fresh img_3434 ---> OMG. Quinoa-battered onion rings.

img_3426 ---> Power house fresh bowl w/ grilled tofu steaks.

img_3353 --->Matt, with our multitudes of delicious finds on our first visit. Including our favorite: The BBQ Burger (which had the quinoa-battered onion rings ON it...).

img_3356 ---> Avocado white bean dosas!

Nom nom up - Montreal: Things to See!