Old Enough & Dolly

I love Brendan Benson, I love Jack White, and I therefore adore The Raconteurs. I am also a mandolin player, and Ricky Skaggs is one of the best mandolin players on the planet. So naturally, when I came across this video, I flipped! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXdN1VUNUdM&w=425&h=344]

And while I'm on the hot topic of bluegrass/country, who doesn't love Dolly!? Her 4-CD box set is about to be released. Haven't heard much of her music because it's been overshadowed by her huge tatties? Wanna hear more? Then check this article from NPR.com out - you can listen to a ton of old and some unreleased tracks. Pretty sweet!


I'm wearing my cowboy boots in commemoration of my bluegrass findings for the rest of the week. Or the rest of life.