White Ambrosia & Honey Pearls

Let me take a moment to be a total tea nerd. I am infatuated with White Ambrosia tea from White Lion Tea. It isn't available to buy anywhere around me so if I want it, I have to spend an arm and a leg on buying it online...but it's totally worth it!

The tea is basically toasted coconut and pineapple combined with a warm vanilla flavor. And by far the best tea - both iced and hot - that I've ever had. If I drink it hot, I looooove having Honey Pearls on hand, which are made of 1o0% natural honey, but in dried crystal form. Kind of amazing, really.

I feel like I'm some kind of creepy spokeswoman for this tea company right now, but I'm just being an honest tea nerd.

Find out more about White Ambrosia tea and Honey pearls here.