Oxfords & Booties, Oh My!

Though I can't afford to, I have a love affair with Anthropologie. I only own a handful of treasures from there, but on random occasions I walk through the store and generally adore everything in sight. They play soothing music (unlike Urban Outfitters where, as I shop, I feel like I'm simultaneously being bombarded with techno brain spasms), they burn lightly fragrant (in a good way) candles, there are faux vintage glass doorknobs, craft books and fancy aprons, salesgirls are actually helpful and appear to enjoy their jobs. It's like a dream world for classy ladies [who unfortunately also have to be high rollin' to shop there].

Since the location I go to doesn't carry shoes, I like to browse their website and make wish lists. Today's discoveries include the most perfectly seasonal, cute, and ultra chic oxfords and booties!