Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

xmas1 tree2

I was dead-set on having a Christmas tree this year since I haven't been able to have one since moving to Florida a few years ago. But I really wanted to do it cheaply if possible (I only had a handful of ornaments and no tree stand or lights). So true to my holiday cheer, I bought a baby fraser fir tree for fairly cheap, Matt got me some awesome LED lights and a tiny tree stand, we made some snowflake ornaments, and my mom sent me a beautiful tree skirt that my grandmother had made in the '60s. But many branches still looked mighty maybe I caved and ended up buying a few fair trade mushroom and bird ornaments made our of wood chips and paper from a local shop called Earth Inspired Living, and splurged on a set of silver icicle ornaments from Anthropology (eek!). And like magic, a kick ass Christmas tree was born.

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