DIY Christmas Cards

Stamp carving once seemed like an impossible and unlikely hobby for me to pursue. But Matt got into it and made me a beautiful anniversary card, which inspired me to give it a try. All you need is a piece of linoleum (essentially a rubber block), an ink stamp pad (or stamp paints if you want to do multi-color, but they are a bitch to apply), and a Speedball stamp carving set. It ended up being under $20 for everything I needed. img_5051

The next step was drawing out my design. I ended up deciding to keep it simple with a one-color Santa Owl!


I watched this video before I started carving...


Despite a few issues (like my owl's eyes being different sizes!), it was pretty easy and super fun. Having someone with you who knows what they're doing helped a lot. We totes forgot to take photos while I was carving - oops! But here are some shots from the stamping process and the final product!





After I was done, I was feeling particularly creatively ambitious and decided to make a second stamp for the back of each card that was of my initials (EAK) in cursive script. This meant I had to learn to write and carve the letters backwards, which worked really well surprisingly.


Side note: my gas heater broke and it's actually cold in Florida right now. My landlord just bought me an electric heater that looks like a fireplace - it actually flickers and it is sooo freaking awesome! Score.