New Year

This is what we want you to think our New Year's Eve looked like... img_53751

This is what it actually looked like...


You see, I've been jipped on NYE fun in past years. I once bought a pretty new dress then waited around till 2 am for friends who never showed up, the year after that I was dragged to a party I had no interest in being at then dealt with unthinkable amounts of drama all night, and how could I forget the year I acted as designated driver to everyone I knew and got barfed on...twice? So this year, I was more than delighted to ring in the new year at home in my pajamas (and gator party hat) with my man!

We made the most baller salad of all time for dinner. Butter lettuce with sliced fennel, green beans, red pepper, and roasted pine nuts dressed with homemade cranberry mostarda balsamic vinaigrette...mmm.


We also ate gouda en croute, played Clue and Scrabble, and drank champagne whilst sitting in front of my fake fireplace heater. Totally the best New Year's Eve celebration I could ever imagine.

This year is going to be good. Cheers!