The Animal Whisperers

First of all, two weekends ago was the best weekend ever. Matt and I went on various adventures (including the Blue Springs trip with the manatees from a previous post), but it seemed that no matter where we ventured, a nature boner followed. No, I'm being serious here. Without bearing food of any kind, animals allowed us to get freakishly close to them and in some cases they even followed us. Which leads me to believe that a.) animals in Orlando are simply far more comfortable with (and overfed by) people than in any other city I've been to, or b.) we're animal whisperers. I'm just going to choose to believe the latter because I'm in my little fantasy world and it's loads of fun here! Keep in mind that this all happened in one afternoon, within a span of maybe an hour...

Exhibit #1: The Farmers Market in Downtown Orlando


Exhibit #2: Walking around Lake Eola





Exhibit #3: Driving through a neighborhood in Thornton Park


Also, I like this photo!


All photographs shot by Matt Morris on either a Mamiya C3 TLR or a Nikkormat FTN.