Mr. Happy Man

My incredible boyfriend is using Kickstarter to support his latest film venture. Mr. Happy Man is to be a short documentary film about one of the happiest people in the world - 85 year old Johnny Barnes, known as "Mr. Happy Man" to locals, and a most beloved figure in Bermuda's rich culture. Every morning for the past 26 years,  Johnny has woken up at 3 am to head to Bermuda's busiest intersection (rain or shine), spending hours waving, blowing kisses, and greeting all who pass. Whether it's a tourist seeking Johnny's prayers for safe travel on their way back home or a frustrated commuter braving the traffic on their way to work, Johnny brightens the day (and outlook) of thousands on a daily basis. In today's gloom & doom economy, this is of priceless significance. This project will only be funded if at least $4,000 is pledged by Mar 22, 7:34pm EDT. Check it out by clicking here, and if you love what Matt has to say, please support it! It's safe, simple, and all you need to pledge is an Amazon account.


Photo via: Sharondipity Photography

For more information on Matt, please refer to the Kickstarter page here, or check out his website here.