SEE Eyeglass-Social

I've been blessed with ever-worsening eyesight. But this is not all bad, thanks to SEE (Selective Eyewear Elements). With this store around, there simply is no possible way for me to get annoyed or bored with the fact that I have to rock glasses 24/7 now. _4a_0005

Before discovering SEE, the very act of selected eyeglasses was stale at best, somewhat of a chore, and then to find out that the only frames at my eye doctors' office that I'd actually consider wearing are by Gucci and will cost me a cool $600? Pleaaaaaase. You see, my addiction to SEE glasses stems from the fact that their selection happens to be economically correct (plus, they have killer sales throughout the year and disperse coupons on special occasions, not to mention an ever-replenished SALE area!).


When you walk into SEE, it's an experience: you are instantly greeting by a friendly, helpful and non-pushy sales associate, who will actually tell you if you look like an idiot in a certain pair. Really, it's quite fantastic. Also, the store itself is visually pleasing with it's simple black and white decor and hilarious photos dispersed throughout the space.





Another thing I love about this place? The lines of eyewear are highly-exclusive, meaning that only a handful of each frame exists and are spread throughout their 11 locations nationally. For me, this is extremely important because if I'm going to have something glued to my face all day every day, they best be original and artsy just like me, ya know!? And honestly, I get asked nearly every day where my glasses are from. I have two (soon to be three!) pairs that I rotate between! I helped Matt pick his out from SEE, too.


So because I'm such a SEE cheerleader, I've decided to have a cocktail social/dance party there next week in celebration of their latest colorful and classy collection. If you're local to the Orlando area, you're welcome to come out to this totally free and chill event. Enjoy sweet jamz spun by Black Bean Deli's own Andres Corton and scrumptious food from Thornton Park's newest hotspot, Graffiti Junktion (veggie burger sliders anyone? Yeah, THAT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING!). Peruse the new line of snazzy SEE specs and drink some "hells yes tomorrow is Friday so gimme that" wine poured by Kirt (aka The Juice Pimp).

Location: 342 South Park Avenue Winter Park, FL 32789-4318 (407) 599-5455

Who knows, I might even be baking some EmmaBunny vegan cupcakes for the party! ♥