Easter Weekend Surprise

With my family and boyfriend hundreds of miles away, Easter usually acts as Spring cleaning extravaganza in my pajamas day. But this year I got the best Easter present ever - Matt surprised me for our anniversary on Friday by driving from NC to FL(apparently everyone except me was clued in on the secret! Even my landlord knew!). We spent the weekend relaxing, doing an absurd amount of cooking, and also got to test out Matt's new camera (a frickin' gi-normous Canon 5D). Here are some highlights. WARNING: this is one monster of a blog entry. Some photo adventure fun...




Some food porn for your face...

img_6897 Bagel King honeynut bagel with neufchatel cheese and Plant City strawberries. I didn't realize how pretty this was until I'd already consumed half of it...whoops!

img_6870 Acorn squash quesadillas with tomatillo salsa & homemade tortillas adapted from Smitten Kitchen. (Side note: Because of night lighting, we couldn't get a good photo but it was so delicious that I still had to post this crap photo).

skullandblog Big Wheel strawberry lemonade with skull + crossbonez cubes.

img_6903 Ratatouille adapted from Thomas Keller's original recipe. Once again, night lighting in my house can suck it.

easterblog1 Cauliflower pasta bake adapted from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

easterblog2 The above dish, plated with some fresh asparagus and carrots.

img_6930 Marzipan rolled in dark chocolate sprinkled with sea salt (!!!).

boo Matt, playing with his food :).

And the fatty cats had some chill time, too. But what's new there?



I'm not sure a better weekend exists.