Eco-Friendly Footsies

Hey, remember being ten years old and prancing around in colorful dollar-store jelly shoes all summer long? I do, and lately I've been recreating those days thanks to Melissa. They are an eco-friendly shoe company that specializes in recycling overstock shoes into new styles as well as recycling factory waste. The shoes are creative, artsy, AND on all levels! I discovered the Brazilian company a few months ago when in Wilmington, NC at the always-marvelous Edge of Urge boutique, where I found a pair of wild neon green peep toes in my size AAAAND on clearance! Matt and I decided to go on a photo adventure today to properly document the awesomeness of said jellies. img_1399



My obsession for Melissa shoes intensified a wee bit when I found out about the company collaborating with various designers from all walks of the industry, including one of my style icons, Vivienne Westwood.



Uhhhh yeah. Thanks to an undisclosed special helper, I recently got my hot little hands on a pair of my very own Vivienne Westwoods for way cheaper than what the super-limited quantity would suggest you'd pay on Ebay (they're sold out everywhere). The heart Lady Dragons came in amazing color combos like lavender/black, fuchsia/red, peach/black, and baby blue/red. I picked the most versatile option so I could still get away with occasionally wearing them to work: grey/navy.


I'll admit they look uncomfortable, but with the two Melissa pairs I own, that's not so. The soles are cushioned nicely, which is more than I can say about most high heels I've owned. The one obvious downside to these bad boys is sweaty feet in swamp-ass Florida weather. But you know as well as I do - sometimes you just have to pick fashion over function!

Here are a few more Melissa styles/collaborations I am coveting (but definitely not buying due to lack of funds!)...





And because the blooming tabebuia trees in Winter Park are so amazingly gorgeous right now, here are a few more shots from today...



More on Melissa here: