Woolly Pocket

I've been reading a fantastic book called Grow Great Grub - Organic Food from Small Spaces. It's got me thinking a lot about alternative urban gardening options, which is how I came across the Woolly Pocket website. Essentially, the products are modular gardening containers that are designed to be placed on horizontal surfaces or hung on walls for vertical gardening and can be used both indoors and out. Sounds simple enough, but once you see the photographic proof of what you can actually do with these things, it'll blow your mind. You can easily create a wall of living art inside your apartment or grow an organic garden that hangs from the side of your fire escape. Really, these things are crazy!

My favorite thing about this company aside from the obvious cool factor is that they have a School Garden project where teachers and administrators can sign their schools up to take part for just 1K (which is sadly near impossible to get into the budget these days), so there is also an option where people can sponsor and/or donate to a school that wants to do it. Someone needs to hook these guys up with the Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution camp. A better and healthier school food program combined with hands-on gardening and nutrition curriculum that actually teaches kids about what they're consuming? Yes, please. That reminds me, you should sign the petition to fight for better school lunch programs across America.

Okay, back to Woolly Pockets! Here's a video of one of the owners (and his killer mustache) talking about the background of the products. I am loving the cheesy music in this.


Gimme that.

Photos via Woolly Pocket Garden Company: http://woollypocket.com