Say Yes to Michigan!

Aside from winning the coolest shaped state award (a mitten! COME ON!), Michigan also happens to be where I was born and raised, and therefore holds a very special place in my heart. I've been on a "find Michigan memorabilia" kick lately and have been quite successful in my totally pointless yet still somehow necessary search!

While on the search, I stumbled upon a quite Michigan-centric blog that goes by the mild mannered name of Fuck Yeah Michigan. I found this on there, which is pretty epic...

Next up, I need to find an original vintage "Say Yes to Michigan!" t-shirt like the one I am rocking as a bebeh in the photo below, with my mama circa 1983, at North Bar Lake in Empire, MI.

Dang, I'm getting so antsy to take my honey to all of my favorite spots in Michigan for vacation time this July! Woooooo!