Food & Wine Anniversary Extravaganza

Matt and I celebrated an anniversary while in Cali and decided to go all-out, as you can see. We discovered Market in St. Helena because it was a Michelin Guide-suggested restaurant for a full meal under $40. For lunch, I had the most inventive yummiest veggie burger I've ever eaten! The base was made (from what we could tell) of julienned zucchini, carrot, onion, and broccoli, and was topped with avocado, bib lettuce, basil pesto, and mozzarella cheese. Heavenly to say the least!

After that, we did a quick stroll through St. Helena's beautiful historic downtown and stumbled upon some Sine Qua Non in a wine shop!

Next, we drove just up the road to the base of Howell Mountain to visit our friends at Herb Lamb Vineyards - a family owned and operated low-production boutique winemaker. Matt and I had the pleasure of hanging out with Jennifer Lamb (she is fabulous, funny, sassy, AND a fellow marketing expert!) on their lovely porch overlooking the vineyards, played with some very hyper puppydogs, visited their chickens, and of course got to drink some fantastic HL wines and sample some local cheeses and breads. Jennifer had many of my favorite herbs (including pineapple and chocolate mint) growing along the porch and even had a variegated lemon tree (!!!) and artichoke plants. We most definitely were spoiled that afternoon! To stay updated on HLV, check out their Facebook fan page here.

For dinner, Matt took me to Thomas Keller's world-renown Bouchon in Yountville, which sits cozily next to Bouchon Bakery. The herbed gnocchi with summer vegetables was divine, as was the TKO (Thomas Keller Oreo)!

Aaaaaand then I passed the eff out after doing nothing but eating and drinking all day. THE END!