Oxbow Public Market

My sister Jen runs a fancy little coffee shop called Ritual Roasters within Napa's Oxbow Public Market - a new & shiny indoor facility full of local specialty shops. Ritual originated in the Mission District of San Francisco and then branched into a second location in Flora Grubb Gardens also in the city. The Oxbox is the company's third location, and is situated amongst some amazing vendors offering homemade local goods like Anette's Chocolate (dark chocolate truffles sprinkled with sea salt, anyone?), The Model Bakery, and Three Twins Organic Ice Cream.

Yeah, my sister really IS this awesome. Ritual sells these incredible cookies by Annie the Baker - a local woman who truly understands my undying love for a soft cookie! Her cookies have the consistency of cookie dough rather than a baked cookie, but they're still totally crispy on the outside. How does she do it!? Matt and I got addicted while we were in Napa (umm okay, maybe more me than Matt?), so much so that my sister just had to Fed Ex me a bag of Annie's cookies in the mail. Sad...and happy?

Jen's husband, Jorge, is the chef at a restaurant within Oxbow called Hog Island Oyster Company. They have a really rad old boat hanging from the ceiling.

The Napa Farmers Market happens every Tuesday and Saturday in Oxbow's parking lot. The thing I loved most about their market is that all of their produce is actually LOCAL - what a concept! Something that is so rare at most farmers markets around the nation (especially in Florida...).

There was a baked goods vendor called Olive Tree Organic that offered delicious vegan and locally sourced treats that had strictly natural sweeteners added. We tried banana nut bread with chocolate chips and a coconut macaroon (which was out of this world). The couple behind the business was super friendly and I really enjoyed meeting them/tasting their awesome vegan treats.


California really did spoil us.