Memorial Day Weekend Thrifting

The long weekend has been fruitful thus far. In a single trip to my favorite thrift store (located in the ghetto, which seems to keep most hipsters away), I emerged with the following treasures:

Now I just need a bowling shirt that says Linda on it and I'll be all set! And I'm pretty excited about sanding down and painting the bookshelf above. Maybe teal or green! I also found a mid-century dresser that I wasn't able to snap a photo of before storing it temporarily at a friend's house, but that will be a future blog project too! Probably going to re-align the drawers then paint it white.

Today I also did some upkeep on my terrarium. It needed new resurrection ferns and a whimsical porcelain deer added to it!

Now I'm off to make a test run of mini vegan cupcakes for next weekend's Pinklight Bazaar. Working on some new flavor creations - stay tuned! Sigh. I proclaim tomorrow do nothing day...we'll see how that one goes for me  :)