Those We Love

I stumbled across the book "Those We Love" in an incredible old bookstore in the sleepy country town of Drexel, NC over a year ago. I finally got around to scanning some of this hilarious (and outrageously sexist) book featuring "portraits" of what the typical wife, "good old dad," and a little boy, amongst others, should be like. This is copyrighted 1960 and the photographs are particularly fantastic. I still am unsure if the book was meant to be clever or if the guy who wrote it was actually just a total doucher and an advocate of these stereotypes. Enjoy - I know I did! "A boy is truth with dirt on its face"...

"A little girl likes tea parties and one boy"...

"Little girls are available in five colors..."

"Mothers are mostly just people with husbands to clean up after, children to love and spank, and houses to turn into homes..."

"Good old dad and his hard-earned paycheck are usually taken for granted, like the foundations of his house..."

Ahh, my personal favorite portrait. "Wives are available in weights from 98 pounds to 200..."

"A wife is a person whose intuition should be ignored..."

Mmm my husband is so smart. How did he fix those curtains? I could have NEVER figured that out myself.

The nuclear family!

All images above are via "Those We Love" by Alan Beck, 1960.