Thrift Finds: Webster Flea Market

I heard about a massive flea market about an hour and a half west of Orlando that has over 200 antique and vintage vendors. Naturally, I called an adventure day and Matt and I headed to Webster, FL to check out the Flea Market's "Westside." The market is every Monday, aaaand luckily I'm on vacation this week. The sign doesn't lie. It is the best side!

I made a new friend. He had a very interesting view on weapons.

Webster is not the most vegetarian-friendly environment as you might be able to tell from the minuscule cow roof ornament. Treasures I found - all were in the $2-$5 range...

Whale figurine. Equestrian tea tin - marked 1943. Mod vase - early 1970s. Victorian portrait (with Matt's reflection in it - ha!). Amazing handmade plaster artwork - 1948 (front) (back) Tin Florida beverage tray - 1960s, I'm guessing? Framed candy advertisement from the late 1800s (not sure if the lady I bought this from is right about the year - it's in pristine condition, regardless).

Just hung this up in our kitchen, yay! Wood-carved profiles. My new favorite water glass. Come on, you know I had to get SOMETHING owly. Just one thing!

Once we finished antique browsing, we learned the hard way that the "Westside" is the ONLY side that should be visited at the Webster Flea Market. The "Farmers Market" side had some pretty horrific vendors including several tables of Walmart produce bought in bulk and sold by non-farmers, a slew of Canal Street-esque knock-off purse vendors, a guy selling diapers and cell phone chargers, a man selling parakeets that were packed 20 to a cage, and probably most heart-breaking of all was an obvious puppy mill selling baby teacup pups that were caged on top of a table in the blistering 97 degree weather. I spent some time being outraged about this, trust me, but it's not for me to fix so I will get over it.

I'm not one for ending a post on a bummer note though, so I will chalk this experience up as a positive one overall. We definitely got in some excellent people watching in Webster. And I walked away with a stockpile of amazing vintage art! As Gilda Radner so expertly once said "It's always something."