Agates and Lake Superior

I think I fell in love with agates when I was about five years old, scouring the shores of Lake Superior with my mom. I collected them year after year on our annual family vacation to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in hopes of one day figuring out how to crack them open and make my own jewelry. Although they vary in color and texture by region, a rough beach agate is not exactly something to write home about:

But once the agate is sliced and modified using a variety of methods like polish or dye, no two pieces are identical. Their unique nature is my favorite thing about them, actually. My favorite designs are those that are of natural color and incorporate various metals and shapes. Here's a few from my modest collection.

Abby Halo Ring by badass jewelry designer Dara Ettinger, given to me by Matt for our one-year anniversary.

Geode Link Necklace by Erica Weiner, a present to myself circa 2008-ish.

Another company I've been loving lately is Stone & Honey, offering a new spin on agates by throwing geometric shapes or "prizmatics" as they refer to them, into the mix.

And they have some other darling designs, too.

The past few trips to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I haven't found many agates - probably due to "over-hunting" by other admirers like me. Fingers crossed for some good discoveries as I head to the most stunning place I know of tomorrow for a week of vacation [that I'm in dire need of]. No phones, internet, work, or drama allowed; just the Great Lakes, a cozy porch, and a million books that demand to be read. I vaguely recall what finishing a novel feels like... :)

On my vacation reading list: Travels With Charley by John Steinbeck About Alice by Calvin Trillin The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky