[7] and Mary Jane Ansell

While having lunch with one of my best friends, Anna, earlier this week I told her about how as of late I feel I've been lacking in creative drive. I have a constant flow of ideas and inspirations, I make lists of projects, endeavors, and events to plan. Problem is, my list continues to grow and few items get checked off. I continue to peg lack of time as the culprit, but I think that's a cop-out. Anna ensured me that every artist goes through dry spells and that as long as I continue to surround myself with creative, positive people and allow myself to be inspired by their work, it would only be a matter of time until my production level returns to normalcy. Then something miraculous happened. Monday evening, I was invited to take part in a new meet-up group created by a local arts supporter, photographer and advocate, Tisse Mallon, called [7]. The idea behind the group is to gather together local creative professional ladies that do not necessarily know each other but should know each other. I found myself surrounded by strong and passionate females, from all different niches across the arts and cultural spectrum in Orlando. Someone in advertising, a few fellow nonprofit sector gals, artists, a food blogger, a graphic designer, an environmental blogger and multi-lingual jetsetter, some fantastic photographers...in short, it was one long table of AWESOME. I instantly felt inspired from being immersed with many new faces exuding positive energy, and networking up a storm. Since this meet-up, I've applied for a scholarship to earn my certificate in Leadership Practice at Rollins College. Can I get a high five for continuing my education? I've also sketched out an idea for my next mixed media collage on wood. Behold the power of [7], indeed. I look forward to more meet-ups with this lovely lineup of artistically inclined ladies!

And on that note, here are some gorgeous portraits by UK-based painter Mary Jane Ansell, an artisically-inclined lady that I do not know but wish that I did.

Photos via http://www.maryjaneansell.co.uk/