Mount Dora

Just 27 miles north-west of Orlando, Mount Dora makes for a lovely day trip. According to its website the median age in the city is 44.5. LIES! Pretty much everyone I see in this town is owning their 70s/80s age bracket, having afternoon tea in their straw sun hats. We partied like fogies and found some thirfty thangs, too. Adore this lacy balcony!

The hotel is no longer in operation, but there was a cool clock shoppe below it.

"From nuts to manure and a whole lot more"!

In the park.

Being exposed to the elements is not always a bad thing - this old staircase aged beautifully.

Matt with some demon horns at The Goblin Market.

We think this was an adolescent heron of some kind. He was scraggly but cute!

Also, when a quaint antique town is almost solely inhabited by older folks, it's easy to find gems when thrifting since there aren't any hipsters around to beat me to it :)

Amazing vintage art deco burst mirror! I had been searching for (an affordable) one of these for ages...YAY!

Baby bunny figurine.

Alphonse Mucha-inspired 14k ring! I about peed myself when I found this. AND it was only ten bucks.

True that.