Labor Day Weekend

My man had a cold for the better part of the long weekend, but we made the best of it. I loaded up on zinc and bought him the usual necessities like kleenex, orange juice, benadryl...and a giant effing kiddie pool with a rain forest mist function. I'd like to think it was imperative to his swift recovery, and at only $12 on clearance it was quite the steal. We played in it all weekend, took underwater photos, and even ate our Labor Day picnic in the pool! At some point Matt said "can we do stuff like this when we're 80?" (I of course said hell yes we can).

We went to see Micmacs, the latest film from visionary director Jean–Pierre Jeunet (he's the man behind my favorite movie of all time, Amélie). After months of the "coming soon" promise, it finally opened at Enzian. It was endearing and I quite enjoyed it - you should go see it!


Also stopped by a fundraiser art event at Neon Forest and took some photos in dark alleyways.

But other than venturing out those few times, we played it low-key and spent a lot of time at home cooking, resting, and movie-watching. Here's one of our yummy masterpieces: cream of tomato soup with créme fraiche, garlic chives and a Parmesan crisp! We adapted this from Napa's Bistro Jeanty.

We had a quality video chat session with Matt's adorable little niece, Gracie, who drew this photo of us while we were chatting. Our bear ears and my nose ring are my favorite parts, but Misu's mustache whiskers are pretty killer as well.

And the cats had a field day with the (overly friendly) neighborhood squirrels.

And those are just the documented highlights!