Getting Reacquainted with Pop Surrealism

I became briefly disillusioned with pop surrealism a few years ago in part due to the insurgence of blood-drenched subjects and slabs of meat appearing left and right in Mark Ryden pieces (examples below).

It's not that I don't appreciate or respect his work, in fact I still dig many of Ryden's series, I just (simply put) got grossed out. So, I got on my high-horse about it, ended my subscription to Juxtapoz Magazine, and stopped paying attention to the movement for the most part. I realize this seems nonsensical and a bit over the top, but I just needed a break. I started taking notice again a while back, mostly because of a few uber-talented local Orlando artists who came along and re-sparked my love for pop surrealism. One of those artists is Johannah O'Donnell.

The vibrant colors and textures in her pieces scream with pop culture, are sometimes rich with satiric undertones, and I adore her use of graffiti elements. Several pieces featuring the Olsen twins - one called "I Am the Cute One" (below) complete with a regal unicorn in the backdrop - make me giggle.

I am lucky enough to see this lovely lady regularly, and she (like her artwork) makes me smile.

Johannah's website is under construction, but you can check out more of her work here.