Four $1 Skirts

On my walk home from the Farmers Market a few weekends ago, I happened upon a tiny thrift store that's only open for a few hours once a week. The first thing I found was a set of old school New Kids on the Block bed sheets (*!!!!!!!*) which I gawked at and reminisced over but did not purchase in the end (since I already own one of the original sleeping bags - be jealous). I walked out with four incredibly diverse skirts, all from totally different eras, two of them have POCKETS!, and each cost me a whopping $1. United Colors of Benetton mini skirt via 1985.

Ann Taylor Loft wool skirt via the late '90s.

No tag, no clue, but SO rad!

Homemade skirt! The fabric and color choices lead me to believe this was made in the mid '60s.

My mama always told me I was a bargain shopper!