High Five Fridays 10.1.10

Happy Friday, lovelies! 1.

This portrait of Lela Rose on her custom bicycle. Photo by Elizabeth Lippman via The New York Times. 2.

I love Ellen DeGeneres for so many reasons, but her animal rescue and anti-cruelty involvement as of late has been extra inspiring! She's the new spokesperson for the Adopt a Turkey Project this year! Turkeys as animals, not as food - woo!


[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7Id9caYw-Y&w=640&h=385] This kid is 11 years old. He talks with his hands more than my Italian mother does and sure is a smart little bugger.

4. The way my cat Misu splays out in his new favorite sleepy-time position.


This photo by Lissy Elle.

Next week I'll be posting photographs and video footage from our trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway!