Product Crush: skinnyskinny Body Butter

I've already done a proper write-up about skinnyskinny [here], but I just have to give you the skinny (lame! lame! lame! I'm so lame today) on their latest brilliant product. Basically, I've tried a million lotions and butters over the years, none of which struck my fancy for various reasons. Sadly, I have probably spent hundreds of dollars on crap from The Body Shop and Whole Foods, promising long-lasting ultra-moisturizing goodness that didn't deliver. But alas, be still my tree-hugging heart, skinnyskinny's antioxidant rich organic body butter has ended my search for the perfect moisturizer.

First of all, can I tell you how much I adore not slathering chemicals onto my skin? Before this discovery, I had been using something from Origins that was alright other than having over 20 ingredients, most of which I struggle to pronounce. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Origins, but skinnyskinny's body butter sticks to the basics - without additives or testing on animals.

Check out the ingredient list (six, in total): cocoa butter shea butter rosehip oil sesame seed oil hemp seed oil pomegranate seed

Naturally scented of pure cocoa butter (not the artificially perfumed cocoa butter scent you may be familiar with), this stuff is whipped smooth and since there's no water added, it's super rich and lasts FOR-EV-ERRRR! I've been putting it on after my shower every night for the past week, and when I wake up the following morning my skin is still totally silky. When you put it on it literally melts on your skin like oil, which means a little bit goes a long way but the greasy factor is minimal since it absorbs so well. A special thanks to my lovely Stephanie for introducing me to this revolutionary company. To shop and learn more about skinnyskinny click here.