High Five Fridays 10.15.10

Tonight we're heading to a bluegrass jam that's been happening every Friday for the past 21 years in the parking lot of a Twistee Treat. It's brilliant how much culture there is in and around Orlando...love it! Here's my high five for this week - have a great weekend everyone ♥

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I think I just found my office calendar for 2011 (by Lisa Rupp). [Via Design Crush.]

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This frog ate a light! Photo by James Snyder. [Via here.]

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This photo. In the words of my sister: "How does this even exist? It is the essence of magic."

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This scene from the Extras Christmas special. It not only proves that Ricky Gervais has depth and versatility as an actor, it's also flat-out true that fame seems to emphatically lead to arrogance. (I'm speaking in generalities - there are exceptions, of course!)

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Crywolf Clothing's boobie pins! Help support Breast Cancer Research this month by buying yourself a pair...of pins, not fake tatties.

¤ Emma xo.