After publishing this blog featuring installation artist Mia Pearlman, my wonderful boyfriend got me one of her limited edition Voluta pieces for Christmas 2009. The postal service promptly "misplaced" it claiming that the package had been delivered but someone must have stolen it from our doorstep. Unlikely story! I had to file an insurance claim, which came through months later, and thanks to Mia's kindness, a new Voluta was sent AND received. After gleefully opening it, assembling the piece unfortunately fell to the wayside in the midst of Matt and I moving into the new place. I fell behind on a lot during those months, especially art, mostly because this apartment has been the biggest art project of my life (a nice way of saying fixer-upper?). To make a long story short(ish), I finally put together my Voluta, which now adorns our front window!

In the early morning, it catches light so exquisitely! The Voluta was a perfect finishing touch for our dining/living room. Special thanks to Anna for documenting! Get your laser-cut Voluta and find out more about the much-adored Mia Pearlman here.