High Five Fridays 10.22.10

Today my friend Kim and I celebrated Halloween early by making brunch (which consisted of all orange tones), baking pumpkin cheesecake, stuffing Halloween goodie bags for my co-workers, and watching Hocus Pocus. Basically running amuck (amuck amuck amuck)! That certainly made me smile...and so do the things below! Have a great weekend ♥ → 1 ←


Call me emo, but I adore this song and I love this video even more. It's only slightly arduous to ignore the fact that this singer is the guy who played the super-douchebag in Whip It. Yes, I totally saw that movie...and I liked it.

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Are these stoves for real? I went to an estate this morning and the house had all of the original 1950s appliances, including an olive green dishwasher and refrigerator and a robin egg blue stove. Naturally, I GISTS (google image searched that shit) to find modern-day functioning vintage models.

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Making hot apple cider and pretending that I have the Fall weather to go along with it. [Photo via Elena's Pantry.]

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This series of paintings from Cleveland-based artist Amy Casey.

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Matt emailed this to me the other day, saying that he had meant to send it to me before we started dating and forgot. I like it!