Other Peoples Property

Other Peoples Property (but you can just call them OPP [yeah, you know me!] for short) is a Central Florida-based vintage boutique and Etsy store radiating with sass, class, and philanthropic purpose. They outfit men, women, and even sell antique home decor. Locally, they also offer FREE swanky clothing swaps throughout the year, which gives people like me with F.D.H.D. (fashion deficit hyperactivity disorder) the option to ethically switch-out sections of your wardrobe each season. It's like a dream come true, I promise you.

OPP has a two-fold purpose: 1. Encouraging people to buy less NEW items thereby creating less waste; and 2. To create revenue streams for giving. This is done through selling some of the most amazing vintage around, sponsoring local events (like Pinklight Bazaar) to spread their vision, and giving to nonprofits that are actively engaging and helping to improve communities.

You're probably already aware of my love for the nonprofit sector as a whole, since it's my day job and all, so for me OPP's passion for giving is what really sets them apart from most other places I shop. Since its inception in February 2009, OPP has donated thousands of dollars to causes, including over $2,800 to the Haiti relief fund and over $2,000 to charity: water. Talk about a company that cares - these ladies have got it goin' on! They also just so happen to have snagged the cover story for this month's BRINK Magazine. Check out the full article here.

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