High Five Fridays 11.5.10

Haaaaaaaappy Friday, everybody! I leave for San Francisco tomorrow. Visiting my amazing sister and brother-in-law, playing with their new puppy dog at Fannyho, drinking the best espresso of all time at Ritual, and...chillin' out in Napa for a few days! Then heading to the National Arts Marketing Conference in San Jose for work for a few more days. Should be good! I'll actually be bringing my laptop along for once, so maybe I'll get some blogs up! → 1 ←

Fireplace; reinvented. Mama like! [Via Unplggd.]

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This awesome piece of art that Matt brought home from LA for our home! It's from Handmade Galleries in Sherman Oaks.

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Frye boots. I mean, when do they NOT make me smile? But I need a new pair, seriously. These, please!

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In a little over a day, I will be sitting in my favorite restaurant ever, Ubuntu, in Napa, CA with my sister. Probably eating this (Local Yellow Corn Grits, Smoked with Hickory, Fried Brussels Sprouts with Apple BBQ & Kimchi Leaves)! [Photo: Antoinette Bruno, via here.]

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Devon Sawa, Jonathan Brandis, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Andrew Keegan, Rider Strong...if you're as familiar with these names as I am, you should probably take this Huffington Post quiz: Can You Guess the '90s Heartthrob's Hair? Who can tell the difference between Luke Perry and Jason Preistly's hair? THIS GIRL.