Our Home: After

This post is only oh....about five months late! But there's a good reason for that: we had A LOT of work to do. It's funny because looking back at my first-ever post (about fixing up my last apartment), I said that the loft's redesign was "my best art project yet." Well folks, that just got one-upped and then some! I chose not to share the "before" photos of our new place in this post simply because it would have been a waste of space. When we moved in, it was kind of a wreck to be honest...filthy floors (Matt spent about 10 hours hand-scrubbing layers of dirt up off the tile. And just so you know I'm not exaggerating here, I'll include one photo of a spot he cleaned surrounded by what it looked like before we moved in), peeling ceiling paint, broken windows, past termite damage that had never been fixed (some literally hollow wall panels)...the list goes on and on. My dad, a retired building inspector, actually had to fly to FL to throw down some serious sass on our landlord and help us repair some of the more complicated structural issues. That being said, I am now absolutely smitten with our new home, and have come to terms with its sometimes endearing/sometimes annoying flaws (the house was originally built as the ground-floor garage to the upstairs apartment in 1938 and was not converted into an apartment until the early '50s). For example, there's a very nice man who lives above us, and unfortunately, due to the way the house was built, we can hear him open a cupboard, when his cat meows, when he sings, and every footstep he takes. Makes for an awesome 8 a.m. wake-up call on the weekends! But like I said, I've come to terms :). And all the aforementioned cosmetic issues? You'd never know they exist, looking at how we've fancied up the place! Matt has become a true handyman in the process...it's kind of cute seeing him with a tube of caulk in hand or wood-filing down an uneven door.

The only thing I truly miss from my old loft is the hardwood floors. However, the tiles in our new place stay perfectly cool in the hot-ass Florida summers so that numbs the pain a little. Also, I finally have a backyard - something I've been missing since moving to Florida in 2006. We have a garden, a compost area, a porch, and an orange tree...not to mention neighboring grapefruit, meyer lemon, and lime trees!

So, without further ado, let me take you on a little tour. There are still some more home-improvement projects in the works, but I'm so happy with all of the hundreds of changes we've conquered thus far!

Living/Dining Room:

Study/Home Office:





I hope you enjoyed the tour of our little home! More posts to come of subsequent improvements that are now in the works.