High Five Friday 12.10.10

HFF has been on hiatus for a few weeks but today it's back in full effect. Here are five things that made me smile this week. Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend! → 1 ←

These "From the Desk Of..." stamps are fab! I definitely ordered myself the typewriter one...

→ 2 ←

Matt's mom gave me my Christmas present early...I am now the proud owner of my very own Le Creuset dutch oven!

→ 3 ←

My sister's co-worker Shannon has an amazing bunch of pets. This photo, taken at their Napa home, makes me smile for so many reasons! Bunnies...puppies...chickens! Funk yes.

→ 4 ←

I may be willing to sell a kidney on the black market to score this fancy kitchen set-up. Via Design Sponge.

→ 5 a. ←

This one is a two-parter!

Our Christmas tree is pretty rad! There's nothing like the smell of a freshly cut pine tree to get you in the holiday spirit.

→ 5 b. ←

Having craft night with two of my leading ladies beside the aforementioned Christmas tree, where we watched Sernedipity *on VHS, even!* and ate homemade sea salted chocolate chip cookies (recipe here!).