A Teacup Story

I have an antique nerd story with a very happy ending! It all started with a lone vintage yellow teacup, and a lovely one at that. It was once part of a multicolored set that belonged to my grandmother in the early '70s. I somehow or another ended up with the teacup, which I adore, but swiftly dropped it (my clumsiness is genetic!) and the handle broke off so I super-glued it back together. Though slightly ghetto, it totally worked and I use it all the time. A few weeks ago, I started thinking about how amazing it'd be to have the full set of teacups and flipped over the cup to see the brand: Collingwood Ware.

On a whim, I searched eBay and found a single result - an almost complete set of the EXACT cups...and it appeared to be missing just one cup, the yellow one I already had! So, as if that weren't perfect enough, the seller offered a "Best Offer" option on the sale, so I was able to enter a slightly lower bid, which they accepted, in order to stay within my budget. Look how happy my no-longer-lone teacup is surrounded by its new family!

And you know Misu had to steal the spotlight as usual...

The eBay seller has a treasure trove of china and kitchenware stuff here and is a total sweetheart to boot. Someone needs to buy this gravy boat ASAP so I don't.

Pretty sure all I need to do now is have a tea party with some of my favorite lovely ladies to celebrate my epic find!