Mondays aren't so bad!

Just in case you're feeling blah on this lovely Monday, here are some things to (possibly, hopefully) make you smile!

Thanks to NPR's First Listen series, you can listen to Bright Eyes' forthcoming album, "The People's Key" by clicking here. I've listened to the album in its entirety six times now and I'm's really THAT good! Regardless of if you love or hate Conor Oberst, give it a might just pee your pants a little like I did. (via npr)

As if that weren't enough to brighten your Monday, check out how gorgeous Mila Kunis looked at the SAG Awards in Alexander McQueen...wowzas!

(via coco perez)

And how about this love seat set-up? Gimme that.

(via design sponge)

Have a lovely week, kids! <3