Valentine's Day Cuteness

Every year around Valentine's Day a plethora of adorable stuff inevitably pops up on my favorite designers' blogs and Etsy accounts. I am loving Erica Weiner's themed additions to her line! My favorite is this Sadie Hawkins ring (here) commemorating Leap Year. Here's Erica's inspiration for the ring: "Leap Year was historically a day of gender role-reversal: once every four years, women were allowed to propose marriage to men. This is our hand-cast reproduction of a 1920's-era ring commemorating this rare, exciting event. It's named for the American comic strip character "Sadie Hawkins," whose creator spawned the February 29th trend of Sadie Hawkins Dances. At these, women could boldly invite the man of their choice out on a date, typically to a dance attended by other bachelors and their assertive dates."

Aaaand there's this cheesy/awesome postcard from the 1908 Leap Year hysteria via Erica's site that makes me laugh:

I am also crushing on her vintage brass Sweetheart Necklace (here), which can be personalized!

And I've been really into making things out of recycled paper lately, so these dainty paper rosette bouquets by My Bohemian Summer caught my eye!

And lastly, totally in love with these eye chart-inspired prints by Tilependantjewelry.