One of my favorite things about visiting California is the amazing culinary adventures I get to partake in. Napa County has some of the best dining establishments in the nation, and I'm lucky to have my sister and her husband Jorge, who is a local chef in the area, guiding me to the best of the best! Each time I visit I am consistently intrigued by how virtually every restaurant we go to utilizes local seasonal ingredients and has an emphasis on organic fresh food. If only more of the world would adopt these seemingly simple practices! One of these fantastic restaurants is Farmstead in St. Helena, which features authentic farmhouse cooking in a beautifully rustic setting. This was my first of hopefully many more visits to come! "The ingredients are sourced entirely from local purveyors. Featuring Long Meadow Ranch's all-natural grass-fed beef and organic and sustainably produced eggs, fruits, vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, and honey."

I was totally in love with the antique farming equipment in and around the restaurant. Check out these tables.

My adorable parents.

The best cheesy biscuits I've ever had in my entire life. Holy crapballs!

Goofing around on the porch!

My brother-in-law Jorge with his good friend, Sheamus Feeley, executive chef at Farmstead.

For more information about Farmstead, check out their website here.